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2 Days in Valencia (Spain) – Full Guide

2 Days in Valencia (Spain) – Full Guide

2 Days in Valencia (Spain) – Full Guide

2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - Sunset in Old Town

2 Days in Valencia (Spain) – Full Guide


Even though this, summer 2020, was not the most productive one (in any sense, for anybody), it gave us an “opportunity” to be creative and try to make the best out of the tings that stayed in our power and within our reach.

Since traveling abroad is almost impossible since March, we are trying our best to keep up with the traveling spirit within the country (with all the necessary measures, of course).

Keeping up with our mental sanity is another is another special mission we are on these days.

Exploring Spain is not that bad idea after all. Since it is not our native country, there is still a lot of places we haven’t visited yet.

2 days in Valencia is exactly what we needed as a quick break from Barcelona and everyday life.

This text is a full guide to best places to visit in Valencia in 2 days (what are the main points of interest, how to get there, prices, what to see and do + where and what to eat).

If you are thinking about doing a quick trip to Valencia and need some help with the itinerary – keep reading.

2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - Sunset in Old Town
Sunset in Old Town

Old town with impressive buildings, plazas and cathedrals, artistic neighborhoods, beautiful parks and super modern museum pavilions with some great Spanish food and drinks in between, is a perfect recipe for a great weekend in Valencia.

If you are traveling to Spain (hopefully that won’t be so complicated in future) and want to see something different than the big cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, Valencia may be a great choice.

2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - Train Station in Valencia
Train Station in Valencia




From the Sants Train Station (Sants Estacio) there are trains running each 1 hour or so and cost from 20 to 50 euros (depending on the type of the train, date, hour etc.) for one direction.

To chose the best option consult the Renfe webpage where you can see all the details about train lines, prices and timetable.

You can buy the train ticket online (on the abovementioned page) or directly on the station.

To get better prices and more availability, it is always better to buy the ticket as much in advance as possible.

In any case, many trains run the relation Barcelona – Valencia so you don’t have to worry to much.

Since there are many different train routes and types of the trains as well, make sure to chose the fastest option (you will arrive in about 3 hours).

Longer routes may take 5 or 6 hours (but they are cheaper) so always check what is the best option for you.


Vueling and Iberia have cheap, 1 hour flights between Barcelona and Valencia. Normally, one way ticket costs between 30 and 50 euros



If you are traveling to Valencia from Madrid, the distance is similar – it will take you a little bit less then 2 hours to arrive (if you chose the speed AVE train) or around 6 hours if you chose the slower option.

Fast train will cost around 40 – 50 euros for one direction while the slow one costs around 30 euros.

To check the timetable, current prices and routes and buy online – visit the Renfe webpage

Buses are not really the best option as they are slower and, normally not cheaper or more comfortable.

Trains in Spain are really great, clean and spacious and, almost always run on time so we highly recommend this option.


Vueling, Iberia and Air Europa have flights between Madrid and Valencia. The flight duration is approx..1 hour and can costs around 50 euros per direction.


Since the majority of the points of interest is concentrated around the city center, we recommend getting the accommodation around the Placa de l’Ajuntament.

2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - Train Station in Valencia - Plaza de'l Ajuntamento, Valencia
Plaza de’l Ajuntament – view from Venezia Hostal room

This area is very centric but still quiet and calm at night. From there you can reach almost any of the touristic spots on foot.

We stayed at Venecia Placa Centro Hostal which is located in a beautiful building on the main square (Plaza de l’Ajuntament) so, within walking distance to almost everything.

Rooms are nice and impeccable clean and the view from the room windows to the Plaza de l’Ajuntament is just incredible.

2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide -Venezia Hostal, double room
Venezia Hostal, double room with the view of Plaza de’l Ajuntament

Prices for double room are from 50 eur per night.

If you are looking for budget options with centric location, we highly recommend this place.

There is plenty of hostels too where you can find really cheap accommodation in a shared room.


The city is not too big (at least the touristic area) so it is easily walkable.

Since the majority of the tourist attractions are within the central zone, you can take some nice walks around and get to know the city on foot.

In case you want to take taxi the prices are not very high as the distances within the city are, mostly, short (assuming that you are not visiting the suburbs).

There is a metro as well – you can check more information about the lines on the metro web page.

We haven’t used it as we didn’t really have any need to use public transport.

There is plenty of agencies renting bicycles and electric scooters so that’s another option for seeing the city.


Well, Valencia has much more to offer than 2 days of tourism, but, if you don’t have much more time, you can get quite good overview of the city in 2 days.

In this guide we will share our itinerary that, we believe, covers the best of Valencia in 2 days.

DAY 1:


If your accommodation is in the city center, you will find your way to the old town intuitively and you don’t even need to follow any specific direction.

You can just walk around and the cathedrals, towers, fountains and gorgeous, picturesque buildings will be appearing before your eyes.

2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - Old Town
Old Town

Some of the main points of interests in the Old Town are:

  1. Plaza de l’Ajuntament (City Hall Square)
  2. Mercado Central (Central Market)
  3. Plaza de la Virgen and the Cathedral of Valencia with Miguelete Tower
  4. Lonja de la Seda (Silk Exchange)
  5. Torre de Serranos (The Serrans Gate) & Torres de Quart (Quart Towers)
  6. Parroquia de San Nicolás de Bari y San Pedro Mártir (Valencian Sistine Capel)
  7. El Carmen – Street Art Neighborhood

1. Plaza de l’Ajuntament

At the Plaza de l’Ajuntament or City Hall Square you can see several significant and beautiful buildings surrounding a big fountain.

It’s a typical “plaza” of any bigger Spanish city, the main meeting point with lots of bars and restaurants around and some of the most iconic Valencian landmarks surrounding it.

Some of the beautiful baroque buildings to pay attention are City Hall, the Post Office, couple of gorgeous hotel buildings (Melia Plaza Hotel, Hostal Venezia…) and, actually, all the buildings surrounding this square are unique, beautiful and worth of your attention.

Beautiful fountain in the center of the plaza has incredible lighting at night which makes it a perfect spot for some nice photos.

The whole area around the plaza is full of bars and restaurants where you can try some of great Spanish food and drinks.

Cost → Free
LocationPlaza de l’Ajuntament 
Time for Visit → 15 – 30 min
Opening Hours → 24/7

Mercado Central (Central Market)

Apart from the fact that there is the biggest variety of fresh food (fish, fruit, vegetables, local products…) it is located in one of the most emblematic modernist buildings in the city.

If you enjoy food and love to buy some fresh, local products, you will love this place.

2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - Central Market - Local products - Marmelade 2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - Central Market Building

Don’t miss trying some Valencian oranges – they are truly special!

Also, you will be surprised with how many different types of tomatoes there are.

There are some bars inside so you can try some of great Spanish tapas there.

Also, don’t forget trying orchata with fartons.

Cost → Free
LocationCentral Market 
Time for Visit → 30 – 60 min
Opening Hours → Monday – Saturday from 7.30 am to 3 pm

Plaza de la Virgen & Cathedral of Valencia with Miguelete Tower

As you continue your walk, you will most likely come across another plaza – Plaza de la Virgen.

On the Plaza de la Virgen you can see a massive fountain – Turia Fountain, and the impressive Cathedral of Valencia behind.

2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - Turia Fountain, Plaza de la Virgen, Valencia
Turia Fountain, Plaza de la Virgen and Valencia Cathedral

Valencia Cathedral is Roman Catholic Church done, predominately, in Gothic architectural style.

Inside you can see 15-th century’s paintings.

Particularly interesting about the cathedral is that The Holy Grail (that is believed by many to be the true Holy Grail) is kept in one of the cathedral’s chapels.

The whole complex is quite big and consists of several different objects such as Baroque Apostles’ Gate Entrance to the Cathedral (facing Plaza de la Virgen), The Old Chapter House, Chapel of the Holy Grail, Dome of the Cathedral, Bell Tower (Miguelete) and the and impressive Door of the Irons on the other side of the building.

If you are tight with time, only seeing it from outside is impressive enough as you will be amazed by the work and mixture of different architectural styles you will recognize in these buildings.

2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - Valencia Cathedral
Valencia Cathedral & Miguelete Bell Tower

If you are willing to spend some more time, you can visit the Museum of the Cathedral of Valencia and The Miguelete Bell Tower.

Cost → For the Museum: 8 eur (general ticket); 5,5 eur (reduced ticket)
For the Miguelete Bell Tower – 2 eur
* For more information and prices visit the website
LocationCathedral of Valencia 
Time for Visit → 30 min – 1 hour
Opening HoursFor the Museum:

Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 18.30
Sunday and bank holiday from 14:00 to 18:30

                                → For the Miguelete Bell Tower:

Summer (from April to October) – Every day from 10:00 to 19:30
Winter (from November To March) – Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:30.
Saturday from 10:00 to 19:00.
Sunday from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 17:30 to 19:00.

La Lonja de la Seda – Silk Exchange

This emblematic building is listed as a World Heritage Side by UNESCO and it’s one of the most famous civil gothic monuments in Europe.

As its name suggests, it was the place where the silk that was coming from China was sold to Europeans.

This building used to be one of the most prestigious places where the silk was sold, and, to better understand why, you would need to see it from inside.

2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - La Lonja de la Seda - interior
La Lonja de la Seda – Silk exchange (interior)

As you enter you will pass through a beautifully maintained courtyard with orange trees.

Entering to the Main Hall (also called the Contract Hall) you will see its beautiful interior design with its famous columns and richly decorated ceiling.

As you exit the Main Hall, the stairs will lead you up to the Tower. There is another room you can visit and see impressive ceiling work.

Cost → Free
LocationLa Lonja de la Seda
Time for Visit → 30 min
Opening Hours → Monday to Saturday, from 10 am to 7 pm; Sundays and bank holidays, 10 am to 2 pm.

Torres de Quart (Quart Towers) & Torres de Serranos – (Serranos Towers)

Torres de Quart (Quart Towers):

This towers were built in 1400s in gothic style and for defense purpose. For some time, they were used as woman’s prison.

Nowadays, the Quart Towers are a reminder of the times when they played an important role in stopping Napoleon’s troops during the War of Independence against the French in 1808.

You can still see the damage made by cannon balls on the walls of the towers.

Cost → 2 eur (free on Sundays and Bank holidays)
LocationQuart Towers 
Time for Visit → 15 – 30 min
Opening Hours → Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm
Sundays and bank holidays from 10 am to 2 pm
In winter and on rainy days, opening times may warry

2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - Serrano Towers
Quart Towers

Torres de Serranos – (Serranos Towers)

The towers were initially designed with the purpose of defense at one of the busiest city gates.

Even though their main purpose was to defend the city, they were also used as a triumphal arch.

2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - Serrano Towers
Serrano Towers

It is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Valencia and you should not miss to visit it.

Cost → 2 eur (free on Sundays and Bank holidays)
LocationTorre de Serranos
Time for Visit → 15 – 30 min
Opening Hours → Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm
Sundays and bank holidays from 10 am to 2 pm
In winter and on rainy days, opening times may warry

Church of San Nicolas de Bari and San Pedro Martir (Parroquia de San Nicolás de Bari y San Pedro Mártir)

We got a recommendation for this church from our Valencian friend who claimed it’s the the Sistine Chapel of Valencia.

Due to the similarity, it’s, unofficially, called that way and, not without reason.

2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - Sistine Chapel of Valencia
Valencian Sistine Chapel

The church is not really easy to spot as it’s, somehow, hidden between the narrow streets of the Old Town neighborhood.

It’s historical Roman Catholic church and a true piece of art.

The frescoes depict the life of Saint Nicolas and are done in baroque style.

Even though we had our doubts about the similarity with the Sistine Chapel of Vatican, it turned out that it’s not exaggeration.

Cost → 5 eur
Location Church of San Nicolas de Bari and San Pedro Martir 
Time for Visit → 15 – 30 min
Opening Hours → From Tuesday to Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. (July-Sep – to 9 pm)
Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. (July-Sep – to 7.30 pm)
Sundays from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (July-Sep – to 9 pm)

El Carmen – Street Art Neighborhood

If you are into graffiti and street art, Valencia is well known by some great works that you can see on it’s streets.

There is a whole area (several streets) nearby the Central Market, dedicated to street art where you can see some incredible works done by numerous artists.

2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - Street Art - El Carmen 2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - Street Art - El Carmen

Some of the streets where you can see graffiti are:

Calle Peydro (towards Plaza de la Merced), Calle Calabazas, Calle Numancia, Calle de la Estameñeria, Calle de la Purisima, Calle Calatrava, Carrer Dels Valencians, Calle Caballeros, Calle Alta, Calle Baja, Calle Corona, Calle de la Benefcencia, Calle Ripalda, Calle Doctor Chiarri, Calle de Na Jordana, Calle Museo…

They are done by both local and international artists and they target different socio-political and cultural topics.

2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - Street Art - El Carmen-Graffiti

Cost → free
LocationEl Carmen neighborhood 
Time for Visit → depend how many streets you visit (can be 15 min or few hours)
Opening Hours → 24/7

DAY 2:

  1. Turia Park
  2. City of Arts and Sciences

Now that you got the main idea about the historical part of Valencia and the city center, it’s time to get to know its modern part.

City of Arts and Sciences is like a mini-city within the city of Valencia.


It’s impressive, futuristic looking cultural and architectural complex consisting of several buildings.

2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - City of Arts and Sciences
City of Arts and Sciences

It is the most important modern tourist destination in Valencia and one of the 12 Treasures of Spain.

It is located some 3km from the city center so if you don’t mind a bit longer walk, you can take the opportunity and explore the Turia park that will lead you straight to the City of Arts and Sciences.

1. Turia Park

Turia Park (Jardines del Turia) is quite unique place itself and its history is even more surprising.

What is now 9km long park, it used to be Turia River. After the great flood in 1957 the government decided to alter the course of the river so they avoid constant flooding.

Now, there is a beautiful green oasis great for walking, running, doing all kinds of sports…

You can see some of the most unusual trees making beautiful and fresh shade, flowers, small ponds, bridges…

There is a very interesting thematic mini-park called Gulliver park specially designed for kids for climbing, sliding and that kind of things.

When we visited Valencia (July 2020), Gulliver park was, unfortunately, temporary closed.

If you continue your walk further throughout the park, eventually you will get to the City of Art and Sciences.

Cost → free
Location → Turia Park
Time for Visit → can be few hours walk through the park or as much as you want to see of it
Opening Hours → 24/7

2. City of Arts and Sciences


The whole complex is designed as a little city itself, featuring several futuristic looking buildings and constructions interconnected with bridges, water ponds and gardens.

Unique, modernist design looks quite different from the rest of Valencia and that is what makes it so interesting.

There you will find several buildings:

  • L’Hemisferic – an IMAX Cinema and planetarium.

From outside it resembles a giant eye (also called “Eye of knowledge”), with the surface of approx. 13.000 m2.

There you can watch some of the short documentary films (approx. 45 min duration) on different topics (some of which in 3D) and enjoy a projection on the screen covering more than 900 square meters.

2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - Hemisferic

The shape of the cinema, sound system and the large screen that goes all around you, make you feel like you were right there in the center of the event.

We watched a documentary film about volcanos and the feeling was like we were just there at the edge of the volcano looking into hot burning lava.

Cost → 8 eur
Time for Visit → normally projections last around 30 to 60 min
Opening Hours → Monday to Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm
*To see the available projections and the schedules visit the web page – L’Hemisferic-What’s on

  • Museu de les Ciencies Principe Felipe – Science Museum

This is an interactive museum of science covering so many scientific topics – from space and planets to body functioning, human DNA, medicine, language and communication and so much more.

From outside the building resembles a huge whale skeleton.

2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - City of Arts and Sciences - Palau de les Arts - Science Museum
Science Museum

It is divided between 3 floors and around 40.000 m2.

Here you can find the exhibitions: “The Legacy of Science”, “Chromosome Forest”, “Zero Gravity”, “Space Academy” and “Marvel Superheroes”.

2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - Science Museum - Space Academy Exhibition 2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - Science Museum - Space Academy Exhibition

There is just so much material presented in an easy-to-consume way that you will not want to leave the place.

There is also a big amount of photo and video content. And not the boring one.

You can touch things, watch video projections and play games.

We spent almost the whole day here, and still, wanted to stay longer.

It’s one of those places that, I think, can be equally entertaining for both adults and kids and that’s just great.

Its almost impossible that you will get bored in this museum. There are so many topics that, for sure, you have an interest in at least some of them.

Cost → 8 eur
LocationMuseu de les Ciencies Principe Felipe – Science Museum 
Time for Visit → 3 – 5 hours
Opening Hours → 10 am – 6pm or 7 pm
*For precise info about the working hours check the web page – Museu de les Ciencies Principe Felipe – Science Museum – Timetables

  • L’Umbracle

L’Umbracle is another structure, built over a car parking. The construction is kind of an open garden characteristic by its high arches.

There are many different species inside such as rosemary, lavender, palm trees, orange trees…

It’s a nice place for a short walk or some rest in the shadow.

2-Days-in-Valencia-Spain-Full-Guide-City-of-Arts-and-Sciences- L'Umbracle

From here you can have a great views to the whole complex and it’s also a good spot for taking photos.

Cost → free
Location L’Umbracle 
Time for Visit → 15 – 30 min
Opening Hours → 8 am – 12 am

  • L’Oceanografic

L’Oceanografic is an open-air oceanographic park.

It is the largest aquarium in Europe and it’s a home to over 500 different species (dolphins, jellyfish, starfish, belugas, walruses, sea lions, penguins, turtles, sharks…

The building has a shape of water lily which makes it real unique and special.

We haven’t visited it, but it is said to be really nice one, well maintained and well taken care off. If you are into that kind of things, Oceanografic sounds promising.

Cost → 31,30 eur (general ticket); 23,30 (reduced: children 4-12 years old, seniors +65, functional diversity persons)
Time for Visit → few hours (we haven’t visited it)
Opening Hours → 8 am – 12 am

  • Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia

Another of the impressive modernist buildings within the City of Arts and Sciences is Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia.

2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - City of Arts and Sciences - Palau de les Arts - Reina Sofia
Palau de les Arts – Reina Sofia

This is an opera house and performing arts center designed to host music performances.

Cost → depending on the performance (sometimes there are free admission performances)
*to check the current performance schedule, visit the web 
LocationPalau de les Arts Reina Sofia 
Time for Visit → depending on the selected performance
Opening Hours → check the schedule 

If you would want to visit all of the buildings within the City of Arts and Sciences you would either have to be quick or to leave at least 2 full days to see it all.

We decided to explore the Science Museum in details and we spent half day there.

We visited the Hemispheric and L’Umbracle as well and walked around the whole complex and took a closer look to all the buildings from outside.

There are few bridges and also a pond where they rent little kayaks so you can take a short ride while enjoying the futuristic views around.

The whole complex is equipped with all the necessary amenities (toilets, wi-fi, café bars with food and drink, ATMs…).

Even though we are not too much into museums lately, we really enjoyed the Science Museum in Valencia and would definitely recommend it to anybody.

Even if you decide not to enter any of the buildings (or don’t have enough time for it), you should, at least, see the buildings from outside and take a quick tour around.

The place is truly unique and not to be missed if in Valencia.


Some of the typical foods and drinks in Valencia are:

  • Horchata
  • Farton
  • Horchata ice-cream
  • Paella
  • Tapas
  • Turia Beer

Horchata – sweet drink made of tiger nut (chufa).

It tastes something like sweet soy or almond milk (the closest I could think of).

They serve it cold or even as a slush and it’s incredibly tasty and refreshing.

Valencians usually drink it together with the local sweet pastry called Farton soaking it in Horchata.

2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - Fartons 2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - Horchata and Fartons

They eat it normally as a snack between the meals. We think it’s good option for breakfast as well.

You can order it in almost any bar or bakery in Valencia.

There are even places (called Horchateria) specialized exclusively in Horchata products. There are few old-fashioned ones in the city and they have quite a fame as the best quality ones.

If you like ice cream (who doesn’t) you can find some quite special ones in Valencia.

Horchata ice-cream is typical Valencian flavor and they serve it at many ice-cream shops.

The taste is unusual but not really too unusual and not in negative sense.

It reminds of vegetal milk ice-cream, has rich creamy taste and with a bit of specific aroma what could not be easily compared to anything else. Maybe to almond eventually.

Don’t be afraid to try it, it’s good.

And yes, don’t forget trying Paella – it’s the most typical Valencian dish that gained popularity throughout the whole Spain.

2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - Paella 2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - Paella

Paella is a rice dish cooked with some other ingredients such as meat or seafood, in a wide, shallow pan on open fire.

The most popular options are Rabbit or Chicken Paella and Seafood Paella.

Where to eat the best paella in Valencia?

When something is original product from the place, they, normally, do it good anywhere.

I think it’s like that with paella in Valencia – wherever you order it it’s gonna be good and you can hardly end up disappointed.

However, maybe the best way to try typical and authentic Valencian paella is to get invited to paella cooking by a local.

We were lucky enough to have a Valencian friend who was kind enough to host us at his house and share some family tips for cooking the authentic Valencian paella.

I guess we will be trying it out in our kitchen soon.

In any case, you will hardly come across bad paella in Valencia.

Besides these foods, Valencia, as the rest of the Spain as well, is most famous by its tapas (small portions dishes).

Tapas are great way to try many different foods without being “stucked” with one main dish that you, maybe, didn’t like.

You can order several tapas and make a full meal out of it.

Croquets, tortilla, fried calamars, patatas bravas, jamon (ham) are just some of the most typical tapas you should not miss.

2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - Tapas

To combine it with a typical drink ask for:

  • Tinto de Verano (Mix of red wine and lemon or orange soda)
  • Sangria (Red wine with fruits)
  • Clara (bear with lemon soda)
  • Turia Beer


As for the gastronomy offer of Valencia, even though you can find great food at almost any corner, there are also many fine dining restaurants.

One of the restaurants we really liked is Mercatbar. The restaurant is modern and trendy offering the most delicious tapas.

They serve traditional Spanish tapas but done in non-conventional forms. The food is presented in minimalist form with lot of interesting flavor combinations.

2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - Tapas - Mercatbar 2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - Tapas - Mercatbar

And, the most important part, the food was delicious.

It is a bit more expensive than standard restaurants but, the price fully justifies the quality.

If you want to have an alternative Spanish tapas experience Mercatbar is the place.

Restaurant El Botijo is another place that we liked.

It is a typical and very traditional Spanish tapas bar. They serve different types of local tapas & beers.

It’s inexpensive and laid back place mostly visited by locals.

Granier – is a typical café bar/bakery where you can take a breakfast or a snack. Besides other pastries they also serve Fartons and Horchata.

There is this one ice-cream shop called Llinares (with the fame of the best one in Valencia) that serves strange-flavors-ice-creams”.

2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - Ice-cream Shop, Llinares 2 days in Valencia (Spain) - full guide - Ice-cream Shop, Llinares

There you can order smoked salmon flavor, tomato, potato tortilla flavor, Gaspacho, cucumber ice cream… they even serve alcohol infused ice-creams so you can find Bailys, Gin-tonic, Mojito flavor… and many others.

They also have “standard flavors” (fruits, chocolate…) and they are absolutely delicious.

If you feel like adventurous go for it and try some of the “strangest” Valencian ice-creams.


If you are on your weekend trip to Valencia, this is, more-less, what you can see & do in that short time in order to see the best of Valencia.

In case you are staying more time, don’t worry, you will not be bored.

If you have some extra time, you can even visit some of the nearby beaches and villages – there are so many breathtaking places around Valencia but that deserves the whole new post.


Thinking of getting to know some other small Spanish city?

Check out our post about Sitges and best things you can do in this beautiful, coastal Spanish town.

Happy Travels!


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    1. Hey guys, thanks for the complimemt ☺☺☺.
      Valencia has some fantastic street art. What is mlre fascinating is that many graffitis have high political content and not just cool designs. The food is also fantastic and you cant miss to try as much as you can hahaha.
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  1. Wow: Valencia!! This was a super guide & totally has me adding to our Spain itinerary. We were headed to Barcelona in June but that sadly is postponed. Although now adding in Valencia! The gorgeous architectures, both old & new along w/so much delicious food (really salmon ice cream?!) We are in!! Would also like to see small villages & beaches- will be back for more of your great posts! I pinned for our trip planning- thank you so much!

    1. Hey Cindi, thank you for your support 🙂 So sorry to hear your trip was postponed. The same happened to us and all our spring and summer traveling plans :/
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  2. We went to Valencia when the children were little . I’d forgotten how many lovely things there are to see and do there. We definitely didn’t see inside that gorgeous church – I wouldn’t have forgotten that!

  3. What a brilliant and comprehensive post on Valencia. I love how it is so easy to get there by train. That church is incredible. I think I need to visit Valencia just to see that. Not to mention the architecture and the food. As always, your photos are stunning.

    1. Thank you so much Wendy 😉 really appreciate it. You should definitely visit Valencia, it’s such a beautiful city with amazing architecture and, actually, so many different things to see and do

  4. Valencia looks amazing! We were in Spain in Feb but didn’t make it to Valencia. Next time! The Old Town looks super cool and I would love to spend some time at Mercado Central. I’m a big fan of street art too!

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