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Tango is a famous Argentinian dance and Rakija is national alcoholic drink of Serbia – that´s where the tittle came from.

Tango and Rakija is a Food & Travel Blog founded by an Argentinian and a Serbian who like to travel and cook and, of course, eat!

This blog is our way of sharing our travel experiences from around the world and from our kitchen. We gathered our biggest passions into our own virtual space where we share the first-hand tips and recomendaciones on the places to visit and food to eat. Our idea is to help you to simplify your own trip, give you some honest opinions and impressions about places we visited or just give you an idea for preparing a meal.


Among our content you will find travel and food related texts dedicated to places we traveled to and food that we tried or cooked. The texts on this blog are mostly:

Recipes – that we tried and liked, discovered while traveling, got from friends and family or invented in our kitchen

Travel Guides, Itineraries, True Travel Stories, Budgeting tips

Recommendations on Best Places to Go and Things to Do…

Tips and Tricks for organizing your trips

Besides the traveling tips and recipes, on our page you can find a special booking discounts, promotions, coupons and other ocasional free stuff.


We are Ana and Ignacio hiding behind the Tango and Rakija tittle. Besides traveling and cooking & eating, we also like to take thousands of photos and fly drones. We like some other things too but these are the main ones here.

Ignacio is a typical over-planner – lists, charts, excel spread-sheets… while Ana is a typical no-plan, go-with-the-flow, even-forgets-her-passport type of a person. Even though those differences create content for endless discussions, we are still finding ways to continue and our trips are full of dynamic (read drama).


We both love to travel…wherever and whenever possible.

We are not luxury travelers, nor the ones who stay in hostels. Even though it happens from time to time that we treat ourselves with a stay in a 5-stars hotel or a bunk-beds dormitory in a hostel, normally we are choosing budget options.


Food is also something we really enjoy – we like to cook it, eat it, smell it, touch it, take photos of food, talk about food…we even started growing our own food – yes, we are having one of those mini urban rooftop gardens.

In our kitchen everyone has it´s place – Ignacio dominates all the savory food while Ana is the queen of baking and sweets.

Everyone eats everything.

Sometimes we cook and eat healthy, sometimes we eat mayonnaise with bread – it all has it´s place on our plates.


We are both full-time employed and all our trips, food, photography gadgets and anything else blog-related is self-financed. Tango and Rakija is our side job that we are doing out of pleasure. We do recommend certain products on our web site but those are exclusively those that we personally like and think they are worth of recommendation. This blog uses affiliate links – that means that when you make a purchase using one of these links, we will earn a small commission at no extra cost for you. This way you can help us to reduce the costs of maintaining our blog. All the content on the web site is 100% ours – all the texts, photos and videos are done by two of us (except some photos of two of us taken by a random persons).


You liked some of our texts or photos and you would like to share it on your own blog or social media? No problem but you should: – contact us – make a link back to our website, and – make sure to add a photo credit underneath the photo. Copy-paste without our consent is not OK!


We invite you to check out our blog texts, try some of our food recipes and, if you find it useful or at least fun, we are happy.

If you have an idea for collaboration we will be excited to hear from you.

Get in touch and let us know what you think!

With love,

Ana and Ignacio… dancing Tango all around and cheering with Rakija.


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