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Best 6 Tapas Bars in Barcelona – Self Guided Tour

Best 6 Tapas Bars in Barcelona – Self Guided Tour

Best 6 Tapas Bars in Barcelona – Self Guided Tour

Best 6 Tapas Bars in Barcelona – Self Guided Tour


Traveling to any part of Spain would not be possible without getting to know the great local concept of tapas – eating a small portion of food in a form of a snack or appetizer – any time of the day, any quantity.

Even though tapas are designed as something to complement your drink with, they evolved into an art and culinary branch itself.

Tapa can be portion of olives or a cheese platter to make a company to your drink.

It can also be a octopus salad, fried shrimps, fried potatoes with hot sauce, mini-sandwich, potato-tortilla … sky is the limit.

More tapas combined can be your main dish – brunch, lunch or dinner.

Tapa can be all you want it to be.

If you happen to be in sunny Barcelona, apart from all the amazing places you should visit, you should also get to know the culinary tourism of this city.

Tapas bars are great places for learning about the culture, tradition and eating habits of the people living in Barcelona and in Spain in general.

In this text, we will give a short overview and of 6 best tapas bars in Barcelona (in our opinion), which are ideal to introduce you the concept of Spanish tapas through its bars in all their forms – traditional, historical, modern, fusion or international.

Through this self-guided tour through 6 best tapas bars in Barcelona, you will not only eat good but also have an opportunity to get to know the streets of Barcelona, their beauty and uniqueness while looking for great food.

Here comes our recommendation for 6 Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona and how to make a great Self Guided Tour.

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Traditional tapas with a hint of modern, alternative and innovative taste.

La Pepita Bar Table
Front Door of La Pepita

The ambient of the bar is unique, with mini-graffiti all around on the walls and windows, interesting lighting and nice, friendly and easy-going atmosphere. Food comes in interesting forms, mixing traditional and modern. Some of tapas worth of trying are:

  • Coca De Sardina Ahumada (sardine on a thin, pizza-like dough, seasoned with local spices and rucola salad),
  • Patatas Bravas (traditional Spanish potatoes with hot sauce),
  • Salmon Marinado Con Manzana Asada (marinated salmon with grilled apple).
6 Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona - self guided tour - tapas
La Pepita Tapas Bar, Barcelona

A great company of these delicious foods can be a typical Clara Con Limon (bear mixed with lemon soda) or Vermouth.

Assuming that you killed the hunger, you got the main idea about the tapas but you want to try something else, keep walking, enjoying the beautiful streets of Barcelona until the next bar.

Location -> La Pepita Tapas Bar


is a famous chain bar where tapas are done in a form of pinchos – small portions of different foods served on a small slice of bread (something like a finger food but served on a small slice of bread and pinched with a toothpick.

Pinchos Lizzaran Tapas Bar, Barcelona
Pinchos – Lizzaran Tapas Bar, Barcelona

Pinchos are the most typical food of Basque country but with deep roots in Spanish and Catalan culinary culture, as well.

Normally, bars with pinchos work like this – the food is exposed on a bar (something like a buffet table), you get the plate and put into it whatever you want.

After eating, you approach to the cashier with your plate – there, he/she will count the number of toothpicks (with which the pinchos were pinched) and you will pay according to the number of pinchos you ate.

Normally, the price is the same for any pincho – you pay the quantity of the pinchos eaten.

6 Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona - self guided tour - tinto de verano
6 Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona - self guided tour - pinchos

How to choose which pincho to try? As they will all be there, in front of your eyes, just chose whatever looks appealing – they are all super tasty.

What can you drink with pinchos? Whatever you want really but some

  • Sangria, or
  • Tinto De Verano (red wine with lemon soda) would be a great choice.

Location -> Lizzaran Tapas Bar

Ready for the bar no.3? Ok, you will not have to walk so long. 

3. Tapas 24

is something quite different. This bar is super modern, innovative, extremely popular and kind of fancy.

Traditional tapas are served but in a more alternative and innovative way and in unusual combinations.

Tapas 25, Barcelona
6 Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona - self guided tour - Tapas 24 Bar

The interior is modern and quirky and food super fresh, delicious and well prepared.

What to try there?

Fancy some oysters? They serve really good ones.

6 Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona - self guided tour - Tapas 24 Bar
Tapas 24, Barcelona

It says they have quite impressive famous Russian Salad – not quite typical Spanish, but let`s say it is Spanish version of Russian salad.

And it really is good.

Another thing you should not miss to try is Croquetas – small breadcrumbed fried roll made of mashed potatos, ham and cheese, ground meat, sea-food, vegetable or cheese.

There are several options so you can mix and try different ones.

Another drink?

Oh, yes. You must try Cava – locally known as Catalan champagne – light sparkling wine. Goes great with anything.

Location -> Tapas 24 Tapas Bar

You still feel like eating and drinking? Why not! The night is young. Keep going until the next bar. 


This tapas bar has it`s own charm as well – it is something like a typical German brewery combined with the concept of Spanish tapas bar. The ambient is quite German, food quite Spanish. The whole mix is interesting to see and try.

6 Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona - self guided tour - Tarta de queso
6 Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona - self guided tour - ALT HEIDELBERG

They have quite a selection of beers and also some impressive deserts. A great opportunity to get to know the great

  • Crema Catalana (something like a caramel flan) and/or also typical
  • Catalan Tarta De Queso (cheese cake but nothing like cheese cake as you know it)

A choice of drinks in this place is Beer, of course.

There are also other drinks but since you are in a brewery, why not to try some beer.

Also, if you think some shot would help you to digest all this food, ask for Orujo (oruho) – sweet brandy made of grape.

Only one would be enough.

Location -> Alt Heidelberg Bar

Still on feet? Don`t give up – two more bars to go and you can crush on your bed, full and happy. 

5. Quimet & Quimet

is an old wine shop. The place is historic, exists since 1914 and looks exactly like from far far history.

Here, you can buy some really good wines as a gift or souvenir to yourself.

The place is really small and you can order some drink and tapas to be consumed quickly and on feet.

6 Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona - self guided tour - Quimet & Quimet
6 Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona - self guided tour - Quimet y Quimet Bar

There is a small bar and couple of tall tables where you can take a bite and some drink.

The place is really authentic, the atmosphere friendly and familiar and quality of food and drinks outstanding.

Some of the most delicious little portions you can find in Barcelona are served in Quimet & Quimet.

6 Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona - self guided tour - Quimet & Quimet
Quimet & Quimet – Wine Shop & Tapas Bar, Barcelona

Try some:

  • Alcachofas Con Anchoas (artichokes & anchovies),
  • Chipirones (stuffed baby squids) with a glass of wine.
6 Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona - self guided tour - Quimet & Quimet
6 Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona - self guided tour - Quimet & Quimet

Ask for a recommendation for a wine and bring home some– you can buy wines of different prices and qualities.

Location -> Quimet & Quimet – Wine Shop & Tapas Bar

Time to go home or you still have energy for another bar, more food and some more drinks?

Almost impossible but if you feel like rocking the night, here comes another great bar that is turning the atmosphere into a party. 


This one is super modern tapas bar-restaurant-cocktail bar, all in one. Great music, art-gallery-like interior and amazing food.

6 Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona - self guided tour - Libertine - Casa Bonay Bar
Libertine – Casa Bonay – Tapas & Cocktail Bar, Barcelona

They serve great:

  • Grilled Sardine,
  • Coca De Pimientos Escalivados y Parmesano (pizza-like dough with some parmesan y cream).


They also have great cocktails.

Sometimes they host DJs and make a real party atmosphere.

The best thing about it is that you can get food (really tasty one) until 2 A.M.

Location -> Libertine – Casa Bonay, Tapas & Cocktail Bar

After this tour, you, surely, cannot stand anymore but, at least, you will finish your night happy, full and slightly (or quite) drank.

Not so bad, ha? Welcome to Barcelona!Barcelona - self guided Tapas Bars Tour


↓↓↓↓ IF YOU LIKE IT, PIN IT! ↓↓↓↓



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