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Casa Vicens, Barcelona – Gaudi’s First Masterpiece – Review

Casa Vicens, Barcelona – Gaudi’s First Masterpiece – Review

Casa Vicens, Barcelona – Gaudi’s First Masterpiece – Review

Casa Vicens, Barcelona – Gaudi’s First Masterpiece - Review - Rooftop towers

Casa Vicens, Barcelona – Gaudi’s First Masterpiece – Review



Casa Vicens is the first important project done by one of the most significant characters of Catalan Modernism – Antoni Gaudi.

Casa Vicens, Barcelona – Gaudi’s First Masterpiece - Review - full size view from the street

After graduating, only 26 years old Gaudi was hired by the wealthy family Vicens to construct a summer residence on a terrain that, back in that time, was not even within the city of Barcelona.

The municipality of Gracia (where the house is located) back in 80-es still used to be an external area, a place for retreat out of the city.

Nowadays, Gracia is one of the central neighborhoods of Barcelona.

Young Gaudi constructed a house that is considered to be an anticipation of Catalan Modernism.

Multicolored decoration with the tilework as important part of the design in combination with stone and brick as essential elements, is what makes this work unique for the epoch.

Casa Vicens, Barcelona – Gaudi’s First Masterpiece - Review - Rooftop towers

Casa Vicens is characteristic by all this and much more – geometric shapes and oriental motives are another significant attribute of this masterpiece.

Inspiration in nature is another important feature of Gaudi’s work and can be seen here as well (but only if you pay attention since some of the natural objects are somehow hidden and not so easy to spot:

These are just some of nature-inspired decorative objects on the house:

  • Palm leaves, dragons, cobweb done in metal, decorate the windows on the ground floor
  • Tiles depicting marigold flower (the flower that the architect used to see a lot on the site) are decorating the part of the façade

Like every Gaudi’s work, the design of  Casa Vicens is full of secret meanings, details and different influences and stiles all in one unique and unrepeatable work.

Casa Vicens is not only a house, it is an encyclopedia of metaphors, labyrinth inside of a fantasy world and, most certainly, a real masterpiece that will blow your mind just looking at it.

If you are in Barcelona, casa Vicens is a great way to get to know the famous architect through one of his first works.

And this being said, considering that casa Vicenc is the first of many Gaudi’s works, you can just imagine what followed.


As you pass the ticket control and officially enter the property, you will find yourself in a beautiful garden surrounded by palm trees, flowers and a path that will lead you to the house entrance.

Casa Vicens, Barcelona – Gaudi’s First Masterpiece - Review - Entrance to the house


Also, in the garden is located a café bar which you can visit before or after your visit to the house, and enjoy some drinks or snacks imagining the family Vicens spending their free time around this beautiful house.

As you enter the house, the path will lead you from one room to another so. On the main floor you will find a central dining room surrounded by a porch, impressive smoking room and a foyer.

We found the smoking room incredibly interesting and that’s, maybe, our favorite place in the house.

The smoking room is designed as a place to relax, have fun and smoke.

Casa Vicens, Barcelona – Gaudi’s First Masterpiece - Review - The Smoking Room

It looks like a real oriental oasis with its multi-colored decoration, palm trees, lots of blue, golden and yellow details.

On the first floor you can see two bedrooms, a bath, a sitting room and a terrace furnished with a wooden bench overlooking the garden.

Ceramic work is to be seen all around and it’s what gives it that beautifully creative and fresh appearance.

On the second floor you can find a permanent collection which gives an overview of the house, it’s structure, history and everything else you might want to know about the Casa Vicens and also about the modernism style of architecture and it’s main characters.

Casa Vicens, Barcelona – Gaudi’s First Masterpiece - Review - Permanent Exhibition - house scale models Casa Vicens, Barcelona – Gaudi’s First Masterpiece - Review - Permanent Exhibition - house scale models

Another highlight of the house tour is the rooftop

Here you can enjoy an incredible view of the streets of Barcelona and also admire the roof work with its brick structures done in multi-colored ceramic tiles.

Casa Vicens, Barcelona – Gaudi’s First Masterpiece - Review - Rooftop Casa Vicens, Barcelona – Gaudi’s First Masterpiece - Review - Rooftop towers - tile-work

On your way back you can visit a basement area which is, basically a gift shop where you can find all the typical souvenirs – magnets, keyrings, decorative objects, books…

As you exit the souvenir shop you will find yourself again in the garden.

Here, we recommend to take a drink in the bar and spend some more time admiring the views.

Casa Vicens, Barcelona – Gaudi’s First Masterpiece - Review - Cafe bar in the garden

You can buy a ticket combo called Summer Vicens that will include a drink and an aperitive in the bar that you can consume before or after your visit.

Normally, they will offer you to choose between several options:

  • mini sandwich + soda, beer, glass of cava or water, or
  • croissant + coffee or tea, or
  • artisan apricot sorbet + glass of cava.

If you don’t want to buy a ticket combo, and decide just to buy the entrance ticket, you can still consume anything from the bar at your own cost.


  • Free Audio Guide & Wi-Fi – at the entrance you will be instructed on how to follow the audio guide from your phone (accessing the web page of the museum). Make sure to have enough battery and bring your headphones as they are not provided. 
  • Visit time is unlimited (within working hours of course) so you can spend as much time as you want.
  • The house is wheelchair accessible and has elevator that stops on every floor (also on the rooftop). Access between the rooms is without  barriers (no steps).
  • Decent bathrooms – wheelchair accessible.
  • Air conditioning
  • Hand sanitizers distributed at several points in the property.
  • The property has a café bar where you can get drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and also some food and snacks (sandwiches, ice-cream…)

Casa Vicens, Barcelona – Gaudi’s First Masterpiece - Review - Wheelchair access to the house


In the gardens’ cafe bar they offer wide range of drinks (alcoholic and non alcoholic) and some appetizer food (mini sandwiches, croissants, artisanal ice-cream…)

You can buy a ticket that includes drink + snack in the café bar or you can order something at your own cost.

Casa Vicens, Barcelona – Gaudi’s First Masterpiece - Review - Cafe bar in the garden - ice-cream and cava


The house is not very big so, going slowly + listening to the audio guide + taking photos should not take you more than 1 hour.

If you want to take a drink or food at the bar that would be another 30 – 45 minutes.

In case you are in a hurry, you can do it much faster – it’s not really big and the visits are organized so there is no much people at the same time, so you can move freely through the house at your own pace.


Due to Corona-virus current situation, tickets can be bought only online for now.

  • General ticket – 16 eur
  • Reduced admission – 14 eur (students from 12 to 25 years old, senior (+65 years old), single parent family and people with disabilities
  • People with library card (Biblioteques de Barcelona) – 12 eur
  • Surcharge for guided tour – 4 eur (each person)
  • Free admission for children up to 11 years, disabled person’s companion, ICOM members and the Super3 Club.

**From 1 August to 30 September: 25% off on these prices

There are also several combo options:

  • “Summer Vicens” offer includes:
    – Visit to the house ( you need to choose specific date and time slot according to the availability)
    – Audio guide (available in 13 languages)
    – Aperitif in the terrace bar
    – Access to temporary exhibitions
    Price – General ticket 15.75 eur,
  • Open Date Vicens offer includes
    – Visit to the house on the day and the time you want
    – Audio guide (available in 13 languages)
    – Access to temporary exhibition
    Price – 14.63 eur

*For more accurate information about tickets prices & opening hours visit the official web page – Tickets & Opening Hours


Every day (except December 25 and January 6)

  • From April 1 2020 to September 30, 2020:
    Monday to Sunday from 10 AM to 8 PM
    Last admission 6.40 PM
  • From October 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021:
    Monday from 10 AM to 3 PM. Last admission 1.40 PM
    From Tuesday to Sunday from 10 AM to 7 PM. Last admission 5.40 PM

Free days/Open doors days: May 22
Closed: December 25 & January 6


Casa Vicens is located in the center of Barcelona, in the Gracia district.
Address: Carrer de les Carolines, 20, 08012 Barcelona 

Public Transport:

  • Metro: Fontana (L3), Lesseps (L3)
  • Bus: 22, 24, 27, 87, 114, H6, V17, D40, N4


Casa Vicens is located in the very center of Barcelona. Within walking distance, you can find another of impressive Gaudi’s works – Casa Batlo.


If you are visiting Barcelona, Casa Vicens should definitely be on your tour list – doesn’t matter if you are into architecture and art or not, this house is just so unique, unusual and different that you will certainly not regret visiting it.

And, besides, if you are not too familiar with Gaudi’s work, Casa Vicens is a great start – it’s exactly where the famous architect started as well.

If you have already seen some of the other Gaudi`s works, then you, obviously, must see this one too.

And, when you are tired of doing sightseeing it’s perfect moment for a foodie tour – get to know the best tapas bars of Barcelona and self-guide yourself to a food coma.

Gastronomic offer is impressive and there is so much of a great Catalan/Spanish food and drinks waiting to be enjoyed.

And yes, if you are around, drop us a message, we are living just few blocks away from Casa Vicens and would be happy to give some extra local tips for the best Barcelona trip 😉


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