Holi festival in India – itΒ΄s one of those things you should definitely put on your TO DO list.

We are all somehow familiar with that fun Indian holiday that consists of throwing colored powder all around while dancing in the street. But, what we don`t all know is that, some planning and preparation is needed in order to have all the possible fun during Holi and avoid any negative experiences.

For that, we did a homework for you – here comes the list of tips on how to prepare for Holi and enjoy it to the maximum.

Many of the Western countries adopted this Indian tradition just because it looks fun so we can even see Europeans throwing color bombs all around during festivals and parties just like if it was happening in India.

Looks amazing. But what it is actually all about?

During our trip to India, we were curious about Holi too and it unintentionally happen that the famous holiday was going to fall just on the days when we were going to be in South India.

Obviously we didn`t want to miss it. We were not thinking t0o much about how to prepare for it and what the Holi festival actually is. For locals is easy, they already know what to expect but for foreigners, ceirtain things are to be thought of in advance.

Holi Festival in India Couple Celebrating

HOLI represents WELCOMING SPRING and saying GOODBYE TO WINTER. It signifies the VICTORY of GOOD over evil and it is considered as celebration of NEW BEGINNINGS.

Despite the image of adult immature behavior, Holi is actually a SERIOUS, ancient and RELIGIOUS Hindu holiday.

The thing is that they get it this way – the occasion is happy so let’s dance, sing and paint each other with colored powder. Why not?!

For Indians, this is the day to meet with their loved ones, family and friends, dance and play together, celebrating this very special day.

Holi Festival in India Friends Celebrating
Friends Celebrating Holi


Everyone participates in Holi, young people, old ones, the whole families and people with small kids. Foreigners are very welcome and locals try to make them feel comfortable and included in the celebration.

We were lucky enough to participate in Holi celebration and feel the atmosphere of exploding colors all around. Locals were happy to show us the way to celebrate – we turned colorful very shortly upon arrival to the β€œparty” and we were dragged into that infinite circle of DANCE, LAUGH and BEST WISHES for HOLI.

Holi is an event to remember but also reminder for ourselves that being childish and playful as an adult is just amazing.

Even though Holi is probably more fun than almost anything in the world, there are certain things to be taken into consideration in order to have all that incredible fun and avoid any negative experiences.

These are some of our tips on HOW TO PREPARE FOR HOLI, what to do, and what NOT TO DO:

– The colored powder will be all around and all over you – all your clothes, shoes and accessories will be fully covered in colors and that will make it very difficult to wash so…

DON`T WEAR YOUR FAVORITE CLOTHES, purses, jewelry etc. (it is literally almost IMPOSSIBLE TO WASH it off well and your stuff will permanently change the original color)

– The same goes for HAIR it will be full of color – if you have long hair, good idea is to put it up or wear a hat, scarf, turban… anything

WEAR SUNGLASSES – this will protect your eyes from the colored powder that will hurt really badly if it comes to contact with your eyes.

Holi Festival in India Color painting
Celebrating Holi

– If you are bringing a CAMERA or want to take photos with your phone, (you should not miss taking photos), bring plastic/waterproof case or cover for your camera with a plastic bag (apart from the color bombs there will be lot of water around)

– Make sure NOT TO SWALLOW the colored powder or the water from water guns, fountains or water bombs that will be flying around – color might be harmful as well as tap water that is splashing all around.

There will be open water sources that people use to refresh themselves and wash off some of the paint from their face – do not swallow a drop of that water!!! After Holi, we had a week long very bad STOMACH FLU caused probably by either swallowing some of the color powder or water poisoning… or something else…or altogether. In India, stomach flu is always an option.

Holi Festival in India Kids Playing
Kids Playing During Holi Festival

BE OPEN MINDED – connect with locals and learn some dancing moves.

– If you are a FEMALE TRAVELING ALONE, SORRY but DON`T BE TOO OPEN MINDED (still, be moderately open minded) – groups of enthusiastic, possibly drunk man can behave too euphoric towards foreign lonely girls. Indians normally don’t drink much alcohol but on a celebration like this there is plenty of alcohol involved and things can get WILD. In any case, there will be plenty of fun Indian girls who will invite you to join them so no reason to worry too much.

– Greet everyone at the street with words HAPPY HOLI and don`t hesitate to smash a color bomb in their face.

– Don`t forget to SEND PHOTOS to your family and wait for their funny comments.

Holi Festival in India Friends Smiling
Celebrating Holi

If you have a chance, do visit this colorful Indian festival, enjoy with locals and be happy as this holiday is.



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