Home-Made Hot Chocolate Recipe (without cocoa powder)

Home-Made Hot Chocolate Recipe (without cocoa powder)

Home-made hot chocolate and Christmas movies sound like the best plan for spending lazy holidays days at home, especially now when there is no Christmas markets (or they are very limited) in most of the places.

Normally, we would be visiting Christmas markets for the winter treats such as mulled wine, hot chocolate and some quick snacks, but, this time, due to the already well known pandemic, Christmas market is at home and we are giving our best to keep up with the holiday spirit.

This home-made hot chocolate recipe is quick and easy to make and the taste is just incredible.

We like to use melted chocolate instead of cocoa powder for the richer and creamier taste.

Also, we like to make it as Christmassy as possible adding some marshmallows, whipped cream and some gingerbread cookies as well.

Yes, all together!

You can aromatize your hot chocolate as you like it – cinnamon, peppermint or vanilla extract will match perfectly.

home-made hot chocolate recipe (without cocoa powder) - served cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows

Home-Made Hot Chocolate Recipe (without cocoa powder)

The best winter drink you could surprise yourself with!
Prep Time5 mins
Active Time5 mins
Total Time10 mins
Servings - 2
Calories: 460kcal


  • 2 cups Milk - (milk of your choice)
  • 100 g Chocolate for cooking - (or chocolate chips)
  • 1 tsp Vanilla extract - (or any other aroma of choice)
  • some marshmallows - (optional for topping)
  • some whipped cream - (optional for topping)


  • Heat the milk in a sauce pan on a medium heat (do not let it boil)
  • Meanwhile, melt the chopped chocolate (or chocolate chips) in the microwave (around 1 minute) or in a double boiler
  • When the milk is heated (when little bubbles start to form on the edges of the saucepan) add melted chocolate and keep cooking on a very low fire for few more minutes stirring occasionally
  • Serve hot topping up with whipped cream/marshmallows/ chocolate chips/ gingerbread cookies/cocoa powder/cinnamon... or whatever you like


  • You can use cocoa powder instead of (or in combination with) chocolate but, if you want creamier, sweeter and richer taste, melted chocolate will be better option.
  • You can use any milk you like (full fat milk will have the richest and the creamiest taste but you can use skimmed milk as well. Coconut milk is also a good option.Β 
  • Always use chocolate for cooking (or chocolate chips) and not milk chocolate bars since, sometimes, they don't melt very well and are not meant to be used for cooking and mixing with other ingredients.Β 
  • You can aromatize your hot chocolate with vanilla, almond, peppermint or any other extract of choice.Β 
  • You can add some cinnamon or cocoa powder on top as well if you like.Β 
  • As for toppings - it goes perfectly with some whipped cream and/or marshmallows.
  • You can serve your hot chocolate together with gingerbread cookies for a real Christmassy feeling.

home-made hot chocolate recipe (without cocoa powder) - served cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows

This home-made hot chocolate recipe is really quick and easy to make so it’s perfect when you crave for something really delicious and comforting but you are not in the mood to make anything more complex.

Also, it’s a must for those cozy winter days at home when all you want to do is relax and be warm. And when you want to have something really, really sweet, of course.

Also, if you want to surprise your guests or family, rest assured they are gonna love it.

The best thing about it that it’s really a low effort (and low budget) treat. All you need is milk, chocolate and some marshmallows and/or whipped cream.

As easy as that!

If you want to make a real festive, winter ambient, pair your hot chocolate with some freshly baked Gingerbread Cookies – they are the most perfect couple ever!

Looking for more winter drink recipes? Check out our >Mulled Wine – Spanish style< recipe


Happy Holiday/Overeating Season, everyone!


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home-made hot chocolate recipe (without cocoa powder) - PIN4home-made hot chocolate recipe (without cocoa powder) - PIN3home-made hot chocolate recipe (without cocoa powder) - PIN2home-made hot chocolate recipe (without cocoa powder) - PIN1


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