When you think of Indonesia, the first image that comes to your mind is probably TURQUOISE BLUE SEA and WHITE SANDED BEACHES rounded with coconut trees – a HONEYMOON PARADISE for fresh couples. Well there is that too but INDONESIA IS NOT ONLY ABOUT BALI (which is by the way truly amazing) – there is so much more to discover in this COUNTRY OF THOUSANDS OF ISLANDS.

We travelled so far, by plane, car, boat, another plane, another car, another boat and a motorbike to see another wonder of Indonesia and one of the New 7 WONDERS OF NATURE โ€“ KOMODO NATIONAL PARK and its main inhabitants โ€“ KOMODO DRAGONS.


This incredible creatures, almost mystical, of a size that make you remember Jurassic Park (ok, Jurassic Park is a bit exaggerated) and of a character that reminds of a deadly monsters of Greek mythology (just a bit exaggerated too), actually live in their own kingdom on two Indonesian islands โ€“ Komodo and Rinca.

KOMODO DRAGON is the LARGEST LIZARD IN THE WORLD, up to 3 meters long and some 70kg of weight, living only in these Indonesian islands where this rare spice is protected within National Park as UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Komodo Dragon Resting

Komodo and Rinca islands, both parts of the NATIONAL PARK KOMODO are natural homes of these animals that are living in a wild but not far from the islands villages.

Komodo island is inhabited by some 2000 of people and approximately 1700 of dragons and in Rinca lives around 1000 of people and around 1300 dragons. These numbers are not exact of course but more-less it`s that โ€“ a dragon for everyone.

Biological characteristics of this animal are quite amazing and intimidating as well. Komodo Dragon has VENOMOUS BITE that almost instantly starts the VERY SLOW DEATH. The poisonous bacteria in its saliva behaves as anticoagulant so, once bitten by Komodo dragon, animal or a person would slowly bleed out to death.

komodo dragons indonesia

They hunt buffalos, deer, goats, monkeys and rarely some smaller animals such as birds.

Apparently they really love to eat MONKEYS because they are able to swallow them in one piece. Sounds like such a SADISTIC REASON FOR THE FAVOURITE FOOD but that’s who the Komodo Dragon is.

These animals don’t eat every day, only one meal per month can be enough but, when Komodo Dragon decides to have a meal, he makes sure it is a gourmet one – THEY CAN EAT UP TO 80รท OF THEIR BODY WEIGHT IN JUST ONE MEAL.

Meal preparation is another HORROR STORY – they would just wait for the pray in the ambush, attack and bite – the rest is just matter of patience. Since they have VENOMOUS BITE, they would just have to wait for few days for they pray to die and VOILA – DINNER IS READY.

If they go for a big animal such as buffalo, after the bite, they would have to wait up to 2 weeks for the buffalo do finally die since the buffalo is very strong animal and can struggle to survive for quite long but, at the end, it will inevitably end up on the dragon`s plate.

If Komodo Dragon attacks a PERSON, if not treated urgently, the person would SURELY die within just 1 day.

Nowadays there is hospital on the main island Flores to which is quite easy to arrive by speed boat in case of an accident, but in the past, when all these means of transportation were much slower, keeping in mind that the islands are quite isolated, for people working in the national park as well as for inhabitants of the nearby villages, living among the dragons was EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

Komodo Dragons victims skulls

KOMODO DRAGONS are kings in their surrounding – they don’t have any natural predator. Furthermore, they are even CANNIBALS and can attack and kill each other also โ€“ well, at least that is how they reduce over reproduction of their own spice and potential risk of overtaking the islands and becoming greater danger for the people.

Being able to visit this incredible piece of the WILDEST NATURE and to witness the coexistence between this deadly animal and humans, is such an incredible experience that hardly anything can beat.

In case you are around Indonesia and would like to spice up your beach holiday (or you are at home but would like to have adventure of your life), Komodo national park is a great choice.

This rare destination is not easy to reach, but not so hard neither. Check out our Komodo National Park Itinerary and some more persuasive stories on WHY YOU SHOULD VISIT KOMODO NATIONAL PARK.

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