Tigre – One-day excursion from Buenos Aires

Tigre – One-day excursion from Buenos Aires

If you are traveling to Argentina, most probably you will be staying some days in the capital. Buenos Aires is amazing and you will, for sure, enjoy exploring it`s busy streets and legendary places.

If, however, you would be thinking about spending some time in a more tranquil, natural place, you may want to make a quick one-day excursion to Tigre.

Tigre is a small town around 20km far away from Buenos Aires. It is famous by its unique position laying on the Parana river delta which consists of several river islands interconnected by water channels and surrounded by tropical forest.

Something like Venice but more tropical, quiet and definitely not even close as crowded as Venice. Neither expensive.

In this text read how to organize a One-day excursion to Tigre from Buenos Aires, how to get there, what to do and which places not to skip visiting.

Argentinians, especially the ones living in the capital, usually spend their weekends and holidays in Tigre.

Also, it is a good shopping spot as there is a big market where you can find basically anything โ€“ souvenirs, typical food products, home dรฉcor, furniture, clothesโ€ฆ

It is rather a family, laid back and relaxing place to escape the noisy and chaotic tempo of Buenos Aires and therefore, not really a known place among foreign tourists.


From Buenos Aires you can easily reach Tigre by train, bus or taking a taxi or Uber in 40 minutes more-less.


Take the Linea Mitre from Retiro station (direction Tigre) and take off at the last stop โ€“ Tigre


One-way ticket – depending on the class you chose โ€“ more less 1 euro


Bus line number 60 โ€“ slightly difficult to get into the right bus (depends on where you are staying in Buenos Aires)

We put it as an option so you are aware of the possibility but, better chose any of other available options (train or taxi)


The easiest and the fastest option that will not cost so much โ€“ some 15 euro per way.

Tip: If you are not taking Uber but taxi on the street, good idea is to always ask for the approximate price to avoid any surprises later.



Once you arrive to the train station (or to the center of Tigre if you are coming by taxi) you can just walk around finding your way to the main point of interest โ€“ town port.

Boat Ride - Parana river - Tigre
Boat Ride – Parana river – Tigre

There, you can take a ride in a small wooden boat and enjoy the delta and its islands directly from the water.

The boat ride is relaxing and fun – you will have the opportunity to feel the real tropic flora and fauna, hear the strangest sounds of the forest while passing through the maze of water channels and getting your thoughts completely lost.

Many tours offer not only a boat ride but also a fishing, bird watching, hiking, trekking or short walking tour through the forest, to get to know the islands.

It is interesting to see how you can move from one little island to another crossing little bridges or by boat โ€“ because that`s the only mean of transportation once you are on the Delta.


You can rent a kayak at the same place โ€“ town port โ€“ the place where the most of the attraction of Tigre are.

A kayak ride is always good idea especially if you find yourself in a place that scenic and special.

Tigre - One-day excursion from Buenos Aires - River 4
Kayak Ride – Parana River – Tigre

Tip โ€“ try to remember the way back โ€“ water channels and islands are many and you can easily get lost.

If you are kayaking on your own, you can make few stops and explore the islands by walking them.

If you have some extra time, STAY OVERNIGHT.

Many cottages that are on the islands are on Booking and Airbnb so if you wish to extend your relaxing time in the jungle, why not?! It is actually a great idea.

Typical cottage for rent in Tigre
Typical cottage for rent in Tigre

If you decide to stay overnight (or more nights) you can do a barbeque (literally all the cottages have one in the garden), enjoy swimming and sunbathing, more kayaking, walking among the islandsโ€ฆ

Asado - Argentinian Food - Vacio, Asado, Chorizo Asado ' Argentinian Food

On the delta, a taxi-boat is operating almost non-stop, you can call it by phone when you want to leave the islands and he will quickly come to your dock and pick you up to bring you wherever you want โ€“ to shop groceries, go for a walk to another island or go back to the mainland Tigre.

Simple island life.

River-taxi stop
River-taxi stop

Assuming that you did this mandatory visit to the Delta and the islands (no matter if overnight or just a few-hours boat tour), now that you are back to the mainland, here is what else you can do there:

PASEO VICTORIA โ€“ a nice path that brings you to an easy-going walk along the river. Along the way, you will see many bars and restaurants where you can stop for a refreshment or a meal.

NAVAL MUSEUM โ€“ if you are a fan of the topic.

MUSEO DE ARTE TIGRE โ€“ an interesting art museum

BIKE TOUR โ€“ near the train station you can rent a bicycle which is a great idea to explore the whole town.

PUERTO DE FRUTOS โ€“ Open Market โ€“ this one is actually the main attraction and definitely a place you don`t want to miss in Tigre.

Puerto de Frutos once used to be a fruit market, nowadays market of almost anything you can imagine: food, clothes, souvenirs, furniture, artisan craftsโ€ฆ

Tigre One day excursion from Buenos Aires Mercado de frutos

You can find some great, authentic Argentinian products there, typical food and real pieces of art when speaking about home dรฉcor.

Authentic and unique wooden furniture, typical rustic iron house items used for barbeque, cooking and decoration and much more.

You will just want to buy so many things.

ART GALERIES and SHOPS along the street Boulevard Sรกenz Peรฑa โ€“ where you can see a lot of local art.

PARQUE DE LA COSTA โ€“ amusement park (the biggest one in Argentina)

More less, that`s about it!

As you step to the town of Tigre, it`s like everything suddenly slows down and life become simplier.

Once you enter the boat and let yourself into the island maze, life gets even cooler, slower and scientifically less problematic.

If you are around the capital and want to take a break from all the city chaos โ€“ go to Tigre โ€“ it is an ideal place for a one-day excursion (or even a weekend trip) from Buenos Aires.

If you like it so much (you surely will) stay the nightโ€ฆ or twoโ€ฆ it will regenerate your soul.

Need some inspiration for your Buenos Aires trip – read about it`s main attractions and see our photo gallery.

Kayak ride - Tigre
Kayak ride – Tigre




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