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What to eat in Mallorca – Foodie Guide

What to eat in Mallorca – Foodie Guide

What to eat in Mallorca – Foodie Guide


What to eat in Mallorca – Foodie Guide


Mallorca is magical Spanish island, largely popular holiday destination especially among German and British tourists – others welcome as well but they are not going much (don`t know why).

The island is famous by its numerous virgin beaches, picturesque mountain villages and also by it`s busy nightlife during summer months.

We should not forget about food as a significant part of the touristic offer but also a mean of keeping you alive during your holidays in Mallorca.

Mallorca Pastry Shop

Food in Mallorca (as well as Spanish food in general) is something you should definitely pay attention to when visiting – there are some quite good things being cooked there and you should not miss any of them!

Here comes the list of our favorite and most typical foods you should not miss to eat in Mallorca.

Also, we include in this Foodie Guide the recommended places (places we personally liked) to eat all these amazing dishes.


1. Sobrasada
2. Mahon Cheese
3. Frito Mayorquin
4. Sepia a la Mayorquina = Pica Pica de Sepia
5. Tumbet
6. Arroz Brut
7. Albondigas = Meatballs
8. Coca de Trampo
9. Oysters
10. Empanada Mayorquina
11. Ensaimada
12. Cremadillo
13. Cuarto embetumat


is a raw, cured sausage made with ground pork, paprika and salt and some other spices (that´s what says Wikipedia).

From the first-hand subjective experience, it is something like a pate made of very oily pork meat sausage… with quite a lot of paprika.

What to eat in Mallorca - Foodie Guide - Sobrasada

It has a very strong taste but it’s absolutely delicious.

The best (and the most traditional) way of eating it is served as a spread on a slice of bread (typical Mallorquin Llonguet bread would be the best option).

Also, there is sweet or spicy option.

Sweet is not really sweet but rather non-spicy. Spicy is, normally, not too spicy and it`s our top choice of Sobrasada.

You can ask for it literally in any restaurant anywhere in Mallorca – it is one of the most typical products.

Normally, it is served as a starter – few toasted bread slices with Sobrasada will be just enough to open your appetite for more of a great Mallorcan food.


Another great local product and a great company to Sobrasada at your starting faze of the Mallorcan culinary journey – Mahon cheese.

Mahon is soft to hard white cheese made from cow`s milk and originates actually from the nearby Menorca island (but widely popular in Mallorca as well).

What to eat in Mallorca - Foodie Guide - Mahon Cheese

You can top your Sobrasada with a slice of Mahon cheese for a perfect bite of sausage, cheese and bread, or you can eat this cheese alone or with some olives and a glass of local sparkling wine – Cava.


This one is traditional Mallorcan dish consisting of fried meat and vegetables – all sliced in a small pieces and mixed together with some aromatic seasoning (laurel, fennel, clove and cinnamon).

Attention – this dish contains liver (can be pork, lamb, turkey liver) so if you are not a fan of that, you might not like it.

If you like liver, you are going to love Frito Mallorquin.

What to eat in Mallorca - Foodie Guide - Frito Mallorquin

Some of the ingredients are:
Lambs liver (or pork or turkey liver) , onion, potato, artichokes, pepper, peas + fresh herbs.

Served as a main dish and goes great with a slice of bread and glass of red wine.


This dish is normally served in a small portion or tapa as starter or appetizer. Could also be a main dish if combined with some other small dishes.

Sepia or cuttlefish is quite common in Mallorcan cuisine since cuttlefish live right there…around the Canary Islands… It is very healthy and also very low in fat.

This typical preparation style – a la Mallorquina, uses onion, garlic, tomato puree, brandy, pine seeds, raisins, chili peppers and red paprika (among others).

What to eat in Mallorca - Foodie Guide - Sepia a la Mallorquina - Pica Pica

Cuttlefish (cut in small pieces) is being cooked in oil and brandy and then fried with the rest of ingredients with tomato puree and some condiments.

Goes perfectly with some white wine or Spanish sparkling wine – Cava.


Tumbet is a simple, vegetable dish similar to French ratatouille.

What to eat in Mallorca - Foodie Guide - Tumbet

The main ingredients are:
Green and red pepper
+ some tomato puree, salt and pepper

All the vegetables are cut in thin slices and fried in olive oil and then layered (similar to lasagna) into a baking pan. Layers or each vegetable topped with some tomato pure between the layers and then baked in the oven.

Some sea salt on top or some grated cheese and/or an egg.

That’s it – simple and delicious!


This one is something like a rice casserole with meat broth, pieces of meat, vegetables and seasoned with some cloves, saffron, cinnamon.

Normally, it is done with different types of meat cut in small pieces – it can be pork, rabbit, chicken, even caracoles and chunks of abovementioned Sobrasada.

As for the vegetable part – it can contain tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, onion peas, beans, artichokes, cauliflower…

All the ingredients are swimming in a nice meat broth together with rice.

This dish will warm up any cold day and give you all you could possibly want from a meal – different types of meat, rice, vegetables – it`s all there.

What to eat in Mallorca - Foodie Guide - Arroz Brut

It is more of a winter dish but nothing can stop you from eating it whenever you want.

It is served in restaurants all year round.


Albondigas Mallorquinas, commonly known as Mallorquin Meatballs, is another typical dish, incredibly delicious.

Basically it`s a meatball stew – meatballs in tomato sauce.

The main ingredient of these meatballs from Mallorca is the famous Sobrasada. That is what distinguish Mallorquin meatballs from any others. Also, some of the local aromatic herbs contribute to the unique taste.

What to eat in Mallorca - Foodie Guide - Albondigas - Meatballs

We absolutely loved these and it was one of our favorite foods we tried in Mallorca.

You can order a small portion of this meatball stew as starter (Spanish – tapa) or even eat it as a main dish combined with some other small dish.


This one was also one of our favorites (it happens that almost everything was our favorite).

You can eat it for breakfast, dinner or as a snack or appetizer.

At the first sight it looks like pizza, but it is not really that similar.

Thin and crispy bread called Coca is topped with a mixture of vegetables (tomatoes, peppers and onions) which is also known as Trampó Salad.

What to eat in Mallorca - Foodie Guide - Coca de Trampo
The dough is usually made without yeast so the base is very crispy.

Once the dough is shaped like for a pizza, the layer of Trampó Salad (tomatoes, peppers and onions) is going on top and all together goes to the oven.

You can eat it hot or cold, tastes great in any way.


If oysters are your thing then you should definitely try some in Mallorca.

Mercat Olivar – Food Market in Palma de Mallorca and Santa Catalina Mercat (also a food market in Palma)  are the places where you can find the most delicious ones.

What to eat in Mallorca - Foodie Guide - Oysters at Santa What to eat in Mallorca - Foodie Guide - Oysters with Cava

You can try different kinds/sizes of oysters paired with champagne or sparkling wine – Cava.


Empanadas in Mallorca are, more-less, similar to classical Argentinian or Spanish empanadas – it´s a pastry with different kinds of savory fillings – it can be filled with different types of meat and/or vegetables.

What to eat in Mallorca - Foodie Guide - Empanada (Panada)

The most typical Mallorcan empanadas are with pork meat (and/or lamb) and peas, sobrasada sausage, bacon and paprika.
They are great for breakfast, dinner or snack on the go.


Ensaimada is a sweet pastry coming from 17th century Mallorca.

Nowadays, Ensaimada is eaten in Southwestern Europe, Latin America and, strangely, in Philippines.

This pastry is done with strong flour, water, sugar, eggs and pork lard (typically used in Mallorquin cuisine) and sprinkled with some powdered sugar on top.

What to eat in Mallorca - Foodie Guide - Ensaimada What to eat in Mallorca - Foodie Guide - Ensaimadas

Some of the variants are:
• Plain ensaimada (only sprinkled with powdered sugar)
• Cabell d`angel  (Angels hair) – with pumpkin flavored filling
• Tallades – with sobrasada and pumpkin – bittersweet taste
• With egg cream
• With chocolate
• Topped with apricot

Ensaimada is the most typical sweet Mallorquin food, there are specialized bakeries only doing ensaimadas and you can see people eating them all around.

It is definitely something you should not leave the island without trying.

You can eat ensaimada for breakfast, after lunch or as a snack.

Plain and chocolate were our top choices of ensaimadas.


It’s a puff pastry filled with light egg cream and caramelized sugar on top. It’s ideal for breakfast, snack or dinner.

You can buy it in any bakery as they are very popular all-around Mallorca.

What to eat in Mallorca - Foodie Guide - Cremadilla What to eat in Mallorca - Foodie Guide - Cremadilla Pastry


If you like really sweet desserts and if you like merengue – this one is for you.

This dessert is made on the basis of a very light and spongy cake filled with egg cream, covered in merengue and topped with chocolate.

It is super sweet and delicious.

What to eat in Mallorca - Foodie Guide - Cuarto Embetumat What to eat in Mallorca - Foodie Guide - Cuarto Embetumat dessert


These are just some of the main Mallorcan dishes that you don’t want to miss but they are many others that we didn’t manage to try. I guess we will have to go back to Mallorca.


The city center of Palma is full of great little bars and restaurants and most of them serve traditional Mallorcan food.

These are the places we visited and liked in Palma:

1. Mercat de l’Olivar– Food Market

Here you can visit the Oyster Bar (located inside the market in the fish market section) and try some fresh oysters with champagne or Cava.

Also, on this market you can visit some of the food stalls with traditional food and try some Sobrasada, Tumbet, Frito Mallorquin, Coca de Trampo or any of the pastries.

What to eat in Mallorca - Foodie Guide - Mercat d l`Olivar

  • Opening Times:  Monday to Friday* from 7:00 to 14:30 h
    *Friday partial opening of from 14:30 h to 20:00 h
    Saturday from 7:00 to 15:00 h, Sunday: closed
  • Location: Mercat de l’Olivar

2. Santa Catalina Market

This one is similar to Mercat de l’Olivar – you can find plenty of food stalls with great, freshly made Mallorcan food.
Ca s’Ostra serves great oysters and some other sea food.
Bar Joan Frau – Can Frau serves some great traditional dishes – Tumbet, Frito Mallorquin…

What to eat in Mallorca - Foodie Guide - Santa Catalina Food Market What to eat in Mallorca - Foodie Guide - Santa Catalina Food Market

You can even buy some of the local products (sobrasada, local condiments, vines…) to bring home with you.

3. For Ensaimadas and pastries – Forn la Mallorquina and St. Cristo 
4. For Arroz Brut, Frito Mallorquin and other traditional dishes – Restaurant Celler sa Premsa 
5. For traditional tapas, Sobrasada, Mahon Cheese… Oveja Negra 
6. For the great views and eating/drinking by the seaAnima Beach Club  which has a great terrace overlooking the beach of Palma.

At this place the prices are slightly higher but only location itself justifies it. You can have a drink or order some food which is kind of fusion of Mallorquin and Mediterranean cuisines (here you can get pastas, fresh salads, stakes and different types of fish as well)


These places and foods are just a small part of Mallorcan gastronomy offer – there is much more and we hope to expand our list after our next visit to Mallorca (we are already planning a second visit).


If you are into Spanish food and you are planning a trip to Barcelona, there are some great tapas bars where you can get the best of Spanish and Catalan small-portion food.

Take a look at our text about the Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona and organize your self-guided foodie tour!



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